Divorce Healing Ceremonies

It is a sad fact of life that not all marriages or civil partnerships stand the test of time, and when a relationship comes to an end it is a sad and difficult time for both partners and can be especially hard when there are children involved.

A Divorce Healing Ceremony can help mark the transition from being married to being single and, where the parting is amicable and both parties remain on good terms, a ceremony can help affirm the former couple's commitment to their children and to formally bid each other farewell as partners. When a divorce is not so amicable, a ceremony for one partner can help the healing process and the establishment of their identity as a newly independent person.

Divorce and separation rituals do not tend to be big public ceremonies. You may like your ceremony to be totally private, or to have a few family members and friends present to support you. The aim of a Divorce ceremony is to help you to be able to move forward. Divorce ceremonies can take place immediately following a separation, or can be several years after the event, there are no set rules. This is a ceremony to help bring you acceptance, closure and healing and can take place at any time or place that you want. As with all the other ceremonies we conduct as celebrants, we will design a personalised ceremony – created with you, for you.