Weddings, Civil Partnerships 

Other Commitment Ceremonies

Our dedicated personal service is guaranteed - so that we can design and deliver a unique ceremony based on your wishes and desires. You want your day to be perfect in every way and we will be there to help you achieve a ceremony that reflects the love and joy you feel. Often a wedding or other commitment ceremony is planned in minute detail - except for the content and the words of the ceremony itself! We will help you to design your ceremony to fit your own personalities.

You may want special readings and rituals, candles, broomjumping, handfasting or spiritual elements.  It can be anything you'd like, from very traditional to completely innovative. You will always have the final say on all aspects of your ceremony.

Your ceremony can be totally non-religious, or you may want to include some form of religious content such as a prayer or a blessing. There are no restrictions, so the choice is totally yours. Ceremonies between couples of mixed faiths can blend elements of more than one religion.

We will advise and offer organised guidance in a calm steady manner and be available to help alleviate any natural fears or worries you may feel. Our aim is to make your ceremony as stress free as possible so that, as a couple, you can relax and enjoy your special day.

Please note

At the moment, to legally marry in Scotland you need a recognised religious minister or local registrar. These ceremonies are often very basic and do not necessarily reflect your own beliefs. Our ceremonies can include the registrar who does the legal bit while we create the more personal and imaginative bit! 

You will first have to give your registrar Notice that you intend to marry, then make arrangements with the registrar for the date and time of your registration as soon as possible. Arrange for 2 persons to be present to act as witnesses at your Registration of Marriage. The legal part takes 20 minutes in your local registry office with two witnesses either on the morning of or any time before the celebration of the Ceremony we have helped you to create.

As the legal side will have already been taken care of, there is no need to hold the ceremony in a licensed venue and so there are no time or place constraints with Life Cycle Ceremonies - for instance, you can have a night time ceremony, by candle light, in the place where you both love to be together, that magical place in the countryside...