Choice & Participation

Choosing a celebrant means choosing someone who will spend time with you, listening to your wishes and hearing your stories, to get a true sense of the personalities involved in marking a significant life event. A celebrant will work alongside you to carefully compose an uplifting service which is totally unique to any other. Services can be as formal or as informal as you like.

The independent celebrants who are members of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants do not have any professional affiliation to any church or humanist organisation which means they will lead the ceremony in accordance with your beliefs and wishes. Services can be non-religious, but on other occasions a family may request that an element of religion or spirituality be included, in which case celebrants can help and advise you in choosing suitable content such as readings, hymns, prayers or blessings. Families of mixed faiths can blend elements of more than one religion.

You may wish for family, friends or colleagues to participate by means of spoken tributes, readings or live music. You may want symbolic elements which are meaningful to you and inclusive to those who are sharing the occasion with you: the lighting of candles and bringing flowers, for example.

We are always open to your preferences and happy to provide ideas to inspire you!