Naming Ceremonies

The birth or adoption of a new baby is a joyous time 

                               Why not share the joy with family and friends?

A baby naming ceremony offers a beautiful alternative to a more traditional faith based ceremony for publicly welcoming a child.  Surrounded by a loving circle of family and friends you can affirm your love and commitment to your child.

We conduct ceremonies for many different kinds of families. Each ceremony is unique and individually written for you personally. There is no set pattern or script which has to be followed. You are entirely free to choose readings, poems or music which you may like to include in the ceremony. You may wish to write your own vows and promises to your child. Prayers, songs or blessings may be included in the ceremony, but this is entirely down to your own choice. Every family will receive a certificate to commemorate the occasion which can be signed by parents, grandparents and any other special adults in your child’s life.